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DiscGuard Multi-Care Kit




DiscGuard Multi-Care Kit

Proline Digital’s all new and complete (DCKIT3), DiscGuard Care Kit include our 3 very popular and most widely used solutions when it comes to proper disc cleaning, disc repair, disc protection and overall disc maintenance. It is ideal to use on Blue-Ray, DVD and Music Discs, Game Discs, CD-ROM and all similar formats.

The kit includes: (8 oz bottle each)

Spray Disc Cleaner for initially cleaning the disc from any fingerprints, dust, stains and surface particles.
DiscRestorer for minor disc scratch repair. It fills in the light scratches.
DiscGuard2, clear disc sealer for total protection of the data-side from future scratches. Knowing that scratches are inevitable, the DiscGuard2 coats the disc with an invisible protective layer. Future scratches will be on the DiscGuard2 sealer and not on the disc. This is a proven disc maintenance process used by many professionals and public libraries where there are a significant amount of discs to be maintained properly. In addition, the DCKIT3 also includes:
A DVD and CD Lens Cleaner. The lens cleaner is designed to effectively clean and maintain the optical laser reading system in all DVD player / recorders and game disc systems. Optical grade cleaning brushes ensure thorough and reliable program delivery. Prevents mis-tracking and skipping caused by a dirty laser lens. Ensures peak audio and visual performance.
Cushioned Disc Platform. Lay this deluxe cushioned disc platform on any flat surface. Take your disc and lay label side down on the cushioned disc platform (data-side up). Use this disc platform for all 3 easy steps in proper disc cleaning, disc repair, and disc sealing.
Soft and thick Micro Fiber Cloth. Proline Digital’s Micro Fiber Cloth has superior ultra-fine threads that are woven into a high-density construction. This soft, ultra-fine non-shrink cloth gets beneath particles of dirt and grease and lifts them from the surface without fear of scratching. Can be used dry or use it with all Proline Digital Disc Care Products. Washable and can be re-used many times!


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