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iPhone Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Tempered glass screen protector protects your iPhone from water, scratches and screen glass breakage while allowing sensitive touch commands.  Fits iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s and the new iPhone 6.  Keep your iPhone looking new as the day you bought it by protecting the screen from smudges, scratches and low impact drops.  The tempered glass is made with chemically treated transparent glass that has a 9H hardness resisting scratches even from sharp objects like keys and knives.  An oleo phobic coating on the tempered glass prevents fingerprints and other contaminant spotting while making it easy to wipe clean.  The clear, high transparency glass is coated on the back side with a strong silicon adhesive that makes installation easy, bubble free and attaches the glass firmly without affecting the touch screen’s sensitivity.  Includes microfiber cleaning cloth, alcohol cleaning pad and applicator.


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