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Universal Disc Hanging File System




The Ultimate Versatility in Indexing and Cataloging Your Valuable Discs!
In a locking letter-sized lateral file cabinet or in your letter-sized desk drawer, you can now instantly access all your discs.

No tools required. The included rail clip snaps over existing cabinet hardware. Store & index up to 600 Discs in a Single Letter-Size Lateral File Drawer!

Excellent system to deter theft giving you TOTAL CONTROL in a Central Location!


  • 2 heavy duty metal rails 12″ to fit letter-size file cabinet.
  • 4 rail clips to support the rails.
  • 10-pack of Disc Hanging Files for storing 20 discs (1 hanging file holds 2 discs). Hanging Files are packaged in assorted colors for color categorizing discs (2 each in Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, White) with self-adhesive title labels. Additional Hanging Files can be purchased for storage expansion as disc numbers increase. See additional 10-packs of assorted colors. Item CDHFS-10
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